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The Incompetents

Lebanese psychedelic rock band The Incompetents builds on the unexpected musical encounter between “incompetent” guitar player/singer/songwriter Serge Yared and up-and-coming producer/multi-instrumentalist/sound engineer Fadi “Fe” Tabbal.

After many desperate hours spent listening religiously to the Beach Boys, Moondog, Stephen Jones, Tom Waits and The Sparks, Yared entered Tabbal’s studio one day with a bunch of broken lyrics and out-oftune melodies.

The result was the duo’s first album, “More Songs From The Victorious City” (2008), a rollicking collision of art rock and sun-kissed pop. With several releases and performances under their belt,
The Incompetents have become one of Beirut’s most notorious musical UFO’s. The band has acquired weight since its inauspicious debuts,
and covered extensive ground in its personal and unprecedented musical orientation


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