The Music Hub Facebook: onohub Twitter: @onohob The concept space, in the basement of a building, is unique in the country, like the name. The founders chose “Onomatopoeia The Music Hub,” because of the fact that onomatopoeia is when a word is formed from sounds. “[Onomatopoeia] is like music and it’s an international word that translates to all. It’s the words that represent sounds,” says co-founder Youssef Naiim. The modern-looking café in the front of the space is a place where one can find a place for a coffee and internet. More often though, it is an informal hangout filled with musicians where frequently, spontaneous jam sessions break out. “We tried to create a home for everyone. It’s a relaxing place. For most of the musicians, this is like a home, and a hub actually,” says Naiim. He and two others, Jo Elias and Alain Osta, founded the non-profit organization and together outfitted the space by hand making or collecting everything, from an operating light to a table made from bright blue recycled doors. The coffee shop exists as a place for musicians to hang, but more importantly provides the funding for the rest of the activities that take place inside. Down a hallway with chic lighting lined with magazines and album covers is where students are taught the gift of music, including vocals, guitar, violin, piano, bass and drums. Two of the three available rooms are lively tonight. Though the “apprentice room,” where students are taught one-on-one, is empty, both the rehearsal studio and the workshop room where group lessons take place are occupied. Music lessons and rehearsal space are provided at an affordable price at Onomatopoeia Music Hub as a way to improve music culture in Lebanon and make it more available for all people.

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