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The DnB Project

One of the most original acts to ever pop out of Lebanese soil, The DnB Project is a collective, live and improvised concept trio consisting of a rare combination of electro-acoustic drum’n bass improvisation,
also covering genres like reggae, jungle, hardcore, dub.. Their music is more of a sound spectrum than mere melodies. Liliane C gives birth to dreamy soundscapes,
robot squeals and insane melodic noise standing on the shoulders of a solid yet liquid rhythm section. Bassist Bashar Farran and drummer Fouad Afra together give us the grooviest, funkiest, and darkest beats.
This band’s life act can be a life changing experience. You might even mistake it for an alien invasion.

Members: Fouad Afra (drums)
Liliane Chlela (synths, robots)
Bashar Farran (bass)


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